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Meet The Speakers
PD Westhuizen

Speaker, Author, Show Host. 

Meet PD, a dynamic speaker at Overcomer 4.0 Rise retreat. Following a life-altering encounter with God in a dream and a transformative experience in South Africa, PD dedicated his life to proclaiming the Gospel and sharing Yeshua’s revelation of Spirit & Truth worship. Alongside his wife Christina, PD leads the impactful ministry Rise on Fire. Widely recognized as the best-selling author of “Reigniting Spirit & Truth,” PD imparts profound teachings through the Rise on Fire YouTube channel, inspiring countless individuals on their spiritual journeys. Over the past three years, PD has traversed 14 US states, passionately serving at conferences and church events. His mission is to equip believers to walk in the Holy Spirit and embrace the truth of our Father’s Instructions. Join us at Overcomer 4.0 Rise to experience the wisdom and inspiration PD brings to this transformative event.

Anna Big Smile Bench.jpg
Anna Johnson

Speaker, Author, Coach, TV Show Host. 

Meet Anna Johnson, a devoted servant of the Most High God and a passionate follower of Yeshua. With a Masters in Social Work and over 10 years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Anna brings a wealth of knowledge to Overcomer 4.0 Rise Up. As a wife, mother of 8, and grandmother of 6, Anna's heart for healing extends to her roles in both family and professional life. Inspired by a divine calling, she transitioned from her career in therapy to dedicate her expertise to the holistic healing of the Body. Recognizing that believers face similar struggles as non-believers, Anna answered the call to become a coach, helping individuals overcome life and spiritual challenges. Her commitment to supporting others is evident in her book, "The Overcomer's Guide: 8 Steps to Overcoming Life and Spiritual Challenges," and through the development of eCourse programs addressing mindset and anxiety. You can catch Anna on her TV show, "Overcoming Daily with Anna Johnson," on God's Learning Channel. Join us at Overcomer 4.0 Rise Up to experience Anna's transformative insights and guidance on your journey to overcoming life's challenges.

David Ficsher.jpeg
David Fischer

Speaker, Author

Meet David Victor Fischer, a distinguished history enthusiast and revered family patriarch, devoted to a life of faith. David's  book,"The Body, The Bride, and The Son"asks the question, What is it God wishes to teach us? What is our path to a closer relationship with the Father? What stages do we pass through as we journey toward the kingdom? Our path is the same as every patriarch, from Adam to Abraham, from David to Jesus. Each of us must strive to pass through the same three doorways, the same three baptisms faced by every believer throughout history. These are shown in the pictures of the lives of the patriarchs, the struggles of the kings, and the tribulations of our savior. We all seek the same goal, to become a son of the living God. Our struggles, our trials, our triumphs are not our own. We share them with each believer, each child of Adam. The knowledge of our path helps us to strive 

forward, to reach the goal, to achieve the prize of the high calling, in Yeshua Messiah.

Start Your Overcomer Journey

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Overcomer Retreat Anna Johnson
Overcomer Retreat 4.0

Lindale, TX 75771

March 1-3, 202
Check-in Friday 3:30
Check-out Sunday 2:00

Join us in a weekend full of encouragement, empowerment and overcoming!


We'll unpack our challenges, learn strategies to overcome and develop confidence in our overcomer status.

Overcomer Experiences

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 11.46.12

“This showed me challenges I didn't even knew I had that now I can overcome. At this retreat, you walk away with the tools you need to overcome daily.”

Garrett & Brandi M.

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 11.55.54

“I wasn't sure about coming, but we all need to overcome and grow. Being here, I found out things about myself that actually hurt, but it's something that's going to help me grow.”

Jim & Missi L.

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 12.07.12

“Coming to this retreat, I felt like I had a spiritual mikvah. This was an eye-opening and soul-searching event. I needed the tips and the reminder that I am an overcomer.”

Willie & Deb C.

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 12.29.05

“I know that every retreat is going to be uniquely designed by the Holy Spirit for the people that are there. Anna is very sensitive to the Spirit. The Lord will do a work in you here, and you'll be glad for it.”

Deanna Joy

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 12.39.32

“Coming to this retreat I realized things of my past were keeping me from the abundant life. Being here I identified those things and how to overcome. I'm so grateful that I came.”

Allen L.

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 12.55.29

“I've been a coaching client of Anna's for a while. I didn't think I needed this retreat. But in one weekend I feel like I accomplished a year's worth of weekly coaching. I'm so thankful I came.”

Latisha V.

Hear From Attendees

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Overcomer Retreat Testimonials May 2021 - "I'm so grateful I came!"
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Overcomer Retreat Testimonies from May 2021 - "Like A Spiritual Mikvah"
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